Maksudbek Yusupov

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Staphylococcus aureus is a major opportunistic and versatile pathogen. Because the bacteria rapidly evolve multi-resistances towards antibiotics, there is an urgent need to find novel targets and alternative strategies to cure bacterial infections. Here, we provide a brief overview on the knowledge acquired on S. aureus ribosomes, which is one of the major(More)
Purified water supply for human use, agriculture and industry is the major global priority nowadays. The advanced oxidation process based on atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasma (NTP) has been used for purification of wastewater, although the underlying mechanisms of degradation of organic pollutants are still unknown. In this study we employ two(More)
Bacteria can be inactivated through various physical and chemical means, and these have always been the focus of extensive research. To further improve the methodology for these ends, two types of plasma systems were investigated: nano-second pulsed plasma (NPP) as liquid discharge plasma and an Argon gas-feeding dielectric barrier discharge (Ar-DBD) as a(More)
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