Maksims Kornevs

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Gamification has been successfully applied in many domains, but mostly for simple, isolated and operational tasks. The hope for gamification as a method to radically change and improve behavior, to provide incentives for sustained engagement has proven to be more difficult to get right. Applying gamification in large networked organizations with(More)
As a public organisation, road administrations have the responsibility to improve the road construction process. However, the changes in such process involve a number of the stakeholders, who have different perceptions about what is most important in the road construction process. Perspectives on the necessity and nature of change will differ too. In order(More)
Nowadays much emphasis is given to innovative procurement in the road construction sector. However, typical discussions about it do not focus on all the stakeholders involved in the process and all aspects. However, one cannot forget that procurement is a complex system, and everyone’s perspective is important for success. This paper looks at the worldviews(More)
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