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Organ transplantation is one of the most important medical achievement of the 20th century. Emerich Ullmann performed on March 7th 1902, in the Vienna, the first successful kidney transplantation. It was an autotransplantation in a dog, with a transposition of a kidney in the neck region. Graft function persisted over the next five days. Only the few months(More)
GOAL Analysis of the incidence of urothelial cancer and outcome of treatment in patients with Endemic Balkan Nephropathy (EN) after renal transplantation. METHODS From January 1985 until October 2006, 550 kidney transplantations (389 cadaveric) and 5 combined kidney and pancreas transplantations were performed in University Hospital Center Rijeka. In only(More)
Among 725 renal transplantations, the most common vascular complication was arterial stenosis, which was observed in 23 patients (3.17%). The majority of 20 (6.49%) arterial stenoses appeared in our initial experiences when we routinely used end-to-end renal graft to internal iliac artery anastomoses. A significant reduction in this incidence (0.72%) was(More)
Through the treatment of anaemia in dialysis patients part of the iron ions remain free in the serum which is at the bacterias disposal for growth and the strengthening of their virulence. The linear relation of the increased serum iron level and tissue iron stores in the body and the infection incidence in dialysed patients has become more emphasised. The(More)
We report a case of ureterolithiasis in a patient with an en bloc kidney transplantation, using extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (ESWL). The patient presented with asymptomatic macrohematuria. Computed tomography revealed a ureteral calculus just below the pyeloureteral junction with hydronephrosis of the medially positioned kidney. Took two sessions of(More)
A 47-year-old male was referred to Emergency Department of our hospital for acute urinary retention. Physical examination showed electrical cable with proximal part introduced into the urethra. Plain abdominal radiograph demonstrated a metallic object in the pelvis and the patient underwent an operation. We used suprapubic cystostomy approach, and the wire(More)
AIMS Renal arterial pseudoaneurysm is a rare complication of renal transplantation that often causes a graft loss. A recent successful outcome of the operative treatment and a reappearance of a pseudoaneurysm and a possibility of watchful followup of pseudoaneurysm encouraged us to present our modest experience with pseudoaneurysm after renal transplant. (More)
Prostate cancer is a major public health problem in all the developed countries. Increasing numbers of men with nonmetastatic prostate cancer are receiving long-term androgen deprivation therapy (ADT). ADT is associated the loss of bone mineral density and a increased risk of bone fractures. The standard recommendations for male bone health include above(More)