Maksim Tsvetovat

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In this paper, we propose an architecture for an agent-based virtual market that includes all elements required for simulating a real market. These elements include a communication infrastructure, mechanisms for storage and transfer of goods, banking and monetary transactions, and economic mechanisms for direct or brokered producer-consumer transactions. We(More)
In the last few years, the electronic marketplace has witnessed an exponential growth in worth and size, and projections are for this trend to intensify in coming years While the Internet offers great possiblities for creation of spontaneous communities, this potential has not been explored as a means for creating economies of scale among similar-minded(More)
Given the increasing threat of terrorism and spread of terrorist organizations, it is of vital importance to understand the properties of such organizations and to devise successful strategies for destabilizing them or decreasing their efficiency. However, intelligence information on these organizations is often incomplete, inaccurate or simply not(More)
The study of complex social and technological systems, such as organizations, requires a sophisticated approach that accounts for the underlying psychological and sociological principles, communication patterns and the technologies within these systems. Social Network Analysis and link analysis have since inception operated on the cutting edge bringing(More)
To facilitate the analysis of real and simulated data on groups, organizations and societies, tools and measures are needed that can handle relational or network data that is multi-mode, multi-link and multi-time period in which nodes and edges have attributes with possible data errors and missing data. The integrated CASOS dynamic network analysis toolkit(More)
In an automated contracting environment, where a contractor agent must negotiate with other self-interested supplier agents in order to execute its plans, there is a tradeoff between giving the suppliers sufficient flexibility to incorporate the requirements of the contractor’s call-for-bids into their own resource schedules, and ensuring the contractor(More)
Testing large-scale dynamic network simulation packages such as NetWatch[34] requires a large quantity of test data to be available for each of the experiments. The test data includes initial topologies of agents’ social networks and specification of knowledge networks for each of the agents to fit an empirically derived distribution of knowledge. Testing(More)
We consider the important aspect of an agent to be its social aspect; its communications with other agents. The concept of commitment has been a vexing one because it tends to either be too high-level to be expressed generally, or too low-level to provide any real utility. We show that meaningful commitment semantics can be inferred from communications(More)