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A new approach was developed which succeeded in tagging for the first time a major gene and two QTLs controlling grain aroma in rice. It involved a combination of two techniques, quantification of volatile compounds in the cooking water by gas chromatography, and molecular marker mapping. Four types of molecular marker were used (RFLPs, RAPDs, STSs,(More)
Microcavity polaritons are two-dimensional bosonic fluids with strong nonlinearities, composed of coupled photonic and electronic excitations. In their condensed form, they display quantum hydrodynamic features similar to atomic Bose-Einstein condensates, such as long-range coherence, superfluidity and quantized vorticity. Here we report the unique(More)
This paper describes a unified approach to correct optical distortions in images formed by a Fresnel lens with computational post-processing that opens up new opportunities to use Fresnel lenses in lightweight and inexpensive computer vision devices. Traditional methods of aberration correction do not address artifacts introduced by a Fresnel lens in a(More)
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