Makram Obeid

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We investigated the potential neuroprotective effects of leptin (LEP) against cellular damage, long-term recurrent spontaneous seizures, and behavioral changes associated with kainate (KA)-induced status epilepticus (SE). Adult Sprague-Dawley rats were sacrificed 24 hours after KA injections, and hippocampi were subjected to histological analysis. In the(More)
We present a case of herpes simplex encephalitis in an 8-year-old girl, in whom hyperintensity was detected on diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) while conventional MRI sequences were normal 1 week after the onset of neurological symptoms. This case is rare in that a child beyond the neonatal period with focal herpes simplex encephalitis had an abnormal DWI(More)
The second of this 2-part review depicts the specific approach to the common causes of pediatric refractory epilepsy amenable to surgery. These include tumors, malformations due to abnormal cortical development, vascular abnormalities and certain epileptic syndromes. Seizure freedom rates are high (usually 60-80%) following tailored focal resection,(More)
In 1990, the National Institute of Health adopted epilepsy surgery in children as an option when medications fail. In the past few years several concepts have become increasingly recognized as key to a successful approach to epilepsy surgery in children. These include the concepts of neuronal plasticity, the epileptogenic lesion, the ictal onset,(More)
Ten-day-old rat pups (P10) subjected to acute hypoxia (down to 4% O2) had as adults increased aggression (handling test), memory impairment (water maze test), and decreased CA1 cell counts. Pups subjected to chronic hypoxia (10% O2 from P0 to P21) had increased aggression, hyperactivity (open-field test), and decreased CA1 cell counts. Chronic hypoxia with(More)
• Large vessel ischemic strokes uncommonly account for new focal deficits in patients with primary brain tumors, mimicking intratumoral hemorrhage, tumor progression, or Todd paralysis. • Stroke occurring in the context of a primary brain tumor is usually a postoperative complication, a late complication of radiation therapy, or embolic due to a(More)
Critical lower limb ischaemia can occur following rectal surgery by a number of mechanisms. Patients with aorto-iliac stenosis or occlusion may be dependent on collateral circulation to the lower limbs from the visceral arteries supplying the descending colon, sigmoid colon and the rectum. Division of these collaterals can precipitate critical ischaemia of(More)
Facial nerve palsies are uncommon in infants. We report on 10-week-old monozygotic twins, diagnosed with cystic fibrosis by newborn screening, who developed facial palsy and increased intracranial pressure. Cranial imaging and cerebrospinal fluid analysis produced normal results. Levels of serum vitamin A were below normal range. Low levels of vitamin A are(More)
Paroxysmal events in children can mimic epileptic seizures, and many of them have only been recently described, or are only now being increasingly recognized. An awareness of the different mimickers of epilepsy and the art of history-taking will help pediatricians and neurologists differentiate epileptic from nonepileptic events. Nonepileptic paroxysms can(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the advent of new antiepileptic drugs, many children continue to have refractory seizures. We sought to determine whether oral LEV is helpful in seizure control and tolerable at doses higher than 60mg/kg/day in the pediatric outpatient population. METHODS A retrospective chart review over a 1.5-year period was performed at the Columbia(More)