Makoto Uchida

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Recent progress in plant molecular genetics has revealed that floral organ development is regulated by several homeotic selector genes, most of which belong to the MADS-box gene family. Here we report on SrMADS1, a MIKCc-type MADS-box gene from Selaginella, a spikemoss belonging to the lycophytes. SrMADS1 phylogenetically forms a monophyletic clade with(More)
The effect of initial spin configurations on zero-temperature Glauber spin dynamics in complex networks is investigated. In a system in which the initial spins are defined by centrality measures at the vertices of a network, a variety of nontrivial diffusive behaviors arise, particularly in relation to functional relationships between the initial and final(More)
In this paper, the environmental factors surrounding fruit trees are used as the explanatory variables, and the factors concerning the quality of the agricultural produce are used as the explained variables. The observed data are analyzed. The object of analysis is the Onshu orange (mandarin orange). The purposes of this paper are analysis of the effect of(More)
We analyze a topological structure of networks formed according to the entries and trackbacks in the blogosphere, which is a collection of weblog articles. The analysis is performed based on community extraction, network visualization and keyword analysis. It is shown that the large-scale structure of the blogosphere has a globally sparse, but locally dense(More)
In this study,we analyze the network effect in amodel of a personal communicationmarket, by using amulti-agent based simulation approach.We introduce into the simulationmodel complex network structures as the interaction patterns of agents. With complex network models,we investigate the dynamics of amarket inwhich twoproviders are competing.We also examine(More)
Many methods have been developed that can detect community structures in complex networks. The detection methods can be classified into three groups based on their characteristic properties. In this study, the inherent features of the detection methods were used to develop a method that identifies communities extracted using a given community detection(More)