Makoto Toba

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Ce(IV)-loaded Y-zeolites (CeY) were prepared for selective removal of the trace amount of organic sulfur compounds from hydrodesulfurization (HDS)-treated diesel oil. The CeY samples can be obtained from NH4-Y-zeolite (NH4Y) using liquid-phase ion-exchange and solid-state ion-exchange methods. The ion-exchange reactions, structures, and selective(More)
Sulfonic acid-functionalized platelet SBA-15 mesoporous silica with an acid capacity of 2.44mmol H(+) g-cat(-1) (shortly termed 15SA-SBA-15-p) was one-pot synthesized by co-condensation method. When applied as solid acid catalyst in synthesis of Jatropha biodiesel fuel (BDF), the 15SA-SBA-15-p catalyst showed higher activity and resistances to water and(More)
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