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Research on Attitude Estimation Algorithm under Dynamic Acceleration
In this paper, we propose the attitude estimation algorithm under the dynamic acceleration environment. Generally, an attitude sensor has biaxial or triaxial accelerometer in order to measure theExpand
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Attitude Control of Small Electric Helicopter by Using Quaternion Feedback
In this study, a nonlinear attitude controller for a small unmanned electric helicopter is designed by using quaternion feedback provided by the backstepping control method. First, a quaternion-basedExpand
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General Airframe Design and Implementation with Low-Cost for Multi-Rotor Type Helicopters
Recently, Quad-rotor type helicopters which are representative of Multi-rotor type helicopters have been extensively developed over the world. The Multi-rotors are expected to replace Single-rotorExpand
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Dissimilar Metal Joining between Aluminum Alloy and Hot-dip Aluminized Steel Sheet
Characteristics of joints between dissimilar metals, in particular aluminum alloy and a newly developed Hot-dip Aluminized Steel Sheet, were evaluated through experiments using resistanceExpand
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Development of a Small-Scale, Light Weight, and Versatile Attitude Sensor
An attitude sensor mounted on an unmanned system requires to have high accuracy in attitude estimation under a dynamic acceleration environment for autonomous attitude control. To estimate theExpand
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Development of the Attitude Sensor with Small Scale, Light Weight, Versatility
The attitude sensor mounted on unmanned systems is required high accuracy attitude under the dynamic acceleration environment for the autonomous attitude control. In order to estimate attitude byExpand
Dry-lube has been used in Europe to enhance formability of aluminum sheet for automotive applications, but it is difficult to ensure degreasing performance with lower degreasing bath temperature.Expand
Recycling of the sludge produced in Zn phosphating Process
Recycling of the sludge produced in Zn phosphating process for aluminium car bodies has been studied in terms of fluxing application for aluminium molten metal. The sludge collected mainly consistedExpand
Analytical Modeling and Autonomous Hovering Control of Hobby Class 5kg Unmanned Helicopter
In this paper, we propose the autonomous hovering control of hobby class small scale unmanned helicopter by using model based control method. Firstly, we make the model of small-scale unmannedExpand
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