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Static analysis of multi-staged programs is challenging because the basic assumption of conventional static analysis no longer holds: the program text itself is no longer a fixed static entity, but rather a dynamically constructed value. This article presents a semantic-preserving translation of multi-staged call-by-value programs into unstaged programs and(More)
Our paper [1] contains a serious error. Proposition 4.6 of [1] is actually false and hence our strong normalization proof does not work for the Curry-style λµ-calculus. However, our method still can show that (1) the correction of Proposition 5.4 of [2], and (2) the correction of the proof of strong normalization of Church-style λµ-calculus by(More)
This paper shows undecidability of type-checking and type-inference problems in domain-free typed lambda-calculi with existential types: a negation and conjunction fragment, and an implicational fragment. These are proved by reducing type-checking and type-inference problems of the domain-free polymorphic typed lambda-calculus to those of the lambda-calculi(More)