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The Networked Distributed POMDPs (ND-POMDPs) can model multiagent systems in uncertain domains and has begun to scale-up the number of agents. However, prior work in ND-POMDPs has failed to address communication. Without communication, the size of a local policy at each agent within the ND-POMDPs grows exponentially in the time horizon. To overcome this(More)
A catalytic reaction of H2O2 production by an amyloid beta-peptide (Abeta)-Cu complex with cholesterol incorporated in a liposome was kinetically analyzed. The Michaelis-Menten model was applied to the H2O2 production reaction using cholesterol as the substrate catalyzed by the Abeta-Cu complex. The Km value for the Abeta-Cu complex catalytic reaction with(More)
The amyloid beta protein with 42 amino acid residues (Abeta), which is a causative protein of Alzheimer's disease (AD), forms the complex with copper (II) to induce the cholesterol oxidase-like activity by the proton transfer from the cholesterol. In this study, the oxidation of cholesterol by Abeta/Cu complex was investigated on the surface of the(More)
Distributed Partially Observable Markov Decision Problems (Dis-POMDPs) are emerging as a popular approach for modeling sequential decision making in teams operating under uncertainty. To achieve coherent behaviors of agents, it is essential to perform appropriate run-time communication. Thus, there have been many works on the run-time communication schemes(More)
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