Makoto Tasaki

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The Networked Distributed POMDPs (ND-POMDPs) can model multiagent systems in uncertain domains and has begun to scale-up the number of agents. However, prior work in ND-POMDPs has failed to address communication. Without communication, the size of a local policy at each agent within the ND-POMDPs grows exponentially in the time horizon. To overcome this(More)
A catalytic reaction of H2O2 production by an amyloid beta-peptide (Abeta)-Cu complex with cholesterol incorporated in a liposome was kinetically analyzed. The Michaelis-Menten model was applied to the H2O2 production reaction using cholesterol as the substrate catalyzed by the Abeta-Cu complex. The Km value for the Abeta-Cu complex catalytic reaction with(More)
The amyloid beta protein with 42 amino acid residues (Abeta), which is a causative protein of Alzheimer's disease (AD), forms the complex with copper (II) to induce the cholesterol oxidase-like activity by the proton transfer from the cholesterol. In this study, the oxidation of cholesterol by Abeta/Cu complex was investigated on the surface of the(More)
In June 2010, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) added boric acid to the candidate list of SVHCs (substances of very high concern) under the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Regulation. In polarizing plates, only unreacted (free) boric acid which is not bound to PVA is considered to be an SVHC. We developed a(More)
Distributed Partially Observable Markov Decision Problems (Dis-POMDPs) are emerging as a popular approach for modeling sequential decision making in teams operating under uncertainty. To achieve coherent behaviors of agents, it is essential to perform appropriate run-time communication. Thus, there have been many works on the run-time communication schemes(More)
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