Makoto Takeya

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This paper discusses both a new measurement method and a performance scoring method in comparison with concept maps drawn by individual students with the concept map drawn by the teacher. However, it is very difficult to evaluate the degree of similarity between a pair of concept maps. Therefore, this paper presents a quantitative evaluation measure of(More)
This paper reports an algorithm for forming groups of students with regard to a computer system for collaborative learning designed to give a cue for debate utilizing mobile terminals. With this system, questionnaires which should be used as the seeds for debates are prepared in advance on the Web and all students attending the class answer to the(More)
The traditional paper test is able to measure mainly individual student’s understanding level of individual bits of knowledge. However, it is difficult to measure the internal connection among bits of knowledge. Previously, Takeya, et al. (2004) had presented a new testing method, called a concept mapping test for a formative evaluation tool at the 1 CMC.(More)
There is a great demand for distance learning in various fields, such as provision of learning opportunities and learning information to infirm children and pupils, introduction of diversified subjects by collaboration among schools, support of credit acquisition, and applications to continuing education. Various distance learning systems have been proposed(More)
It is very important both to evaluate understanding level of a learner’s structural knowledge and to coach the learner to correct his or her misunderstanding. This poster presents the Concept Mapping Test method (CMT) as a measurement tool of structural knowledge. In the CMT, the learner’s structural knowledge is described by a Concept Map (CM), which can(More)
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