Makoto Takashima

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A new LSI artwork analysis and processing system, called EMAP, is described with algorithms, a database schema and applications. EMAP provides the designer with the artwork verification and processing tools which include mask artwork processing, geometrical design rule checking, connectivity analysis and electrical circuit parameter calculation. The circuit(More)
This paper describes three programs which perform connectivity rule check, logic gate recognition for logic simulation and circuit connectivity comparison. These programs have been developed for verifying circuit connectivity extracted from mask artwork. Powerful algorithms are used in these programs, including a heuristic graph comparison algorithm, to(More)
This paper describes a circuit comparison system which compares two networks and points out inconsistencies. A new approach is used to handle functionally isomorphic circuits which most conventional programs can not handle. Three techniques are included: network reduction, graph isomorphism-based comparison and rule-based functional isomorphism checking for(More)
Aristeromycin is a unique carbocyclic nucleoside antibiotic produced by Streptomyces citricolor. In order to elucidate its intriguing carbocyclic formation, we used a genome-mining approach to identify the responsible enzyme. In silico screening with known cyclitol synthases involved in primary metabolism, such as myo-inositol-1-phosphate synthase (MIPS)(More)
In rural areas, people have lots of problems caused by the shortage of young people and increase of elderly. Various kind of trials were achieved to cope with this problems Government prepared some amount of budget to deal with this elderly problems. However, financial solution was becoming more difficult and another effective solution was required.(More)
This paper presents two methods for determining the complex antenna factor (CAF) of a shielded loop antenna for HF magnetic field measurements. A circuit model is introduced to apply the field-transferred 3-antenna method to double-loaded shielded loop antennas. In addition, a new 3-antenna method is proposed, where theoretical calculation and circuit(More)
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