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Sucked into the vortex: Hydrogels with embedded Rhodamine B dye showed stir-induced circularly polarized luminescence (CPL; see picture), the sense of which can be controlled by switching the stir direction from clockwise (CW) to counterclockwise (CCW) with slow cooling from the sol to gel states. The chiral alignment of the dye was erased by heating the(More)
An optically active, π-stacked poly[2,7-bis(4-tert-butylphenyl)dibenzofulvene] having a preferred-handed helical conformation was synthesized by anionic polymerization. A thin film sample of the polymer exhibited broad-band white circularly polarized light (CPL) emission on photo excitation.
A sensitive spectrometer has been developed for observing the hydroxyl airglow in the polar region. This spectrometer is designed to acquire spectra of the Meinel OH 8-4 band, which has the advantage of being relatively free of contamination from auroral emissions. The spectrometer consists of a fast optical system, a transmission plane grating, and a(More)
GBP, a small insect cytokine isolated from lepidopterans, has a variety of functions. We constructed a series of mutants focusing on the unstructured N-terminal residues of GBP by acetylation, deletion, and elongation in order to investigate the interaction between GBP and its receptor in plasmatocytes. The 1H NMR spectra showed no significant changes in(More)
Electron donor-connecting cationic porphyrins meso-(1-naphthyl)-tris(N-methyl-p-pyridinio)porphyrin (1-NapTMPyP) and meso-(2-naphthyl)-tris(N-methyl-p-pyridinio)porphyrin (2-NapTMPyP) were designed and synthesized. DFT calculations speculate that the photoexcited states of 1- and 2-NapTMPyPs can be deactivated via intramolecular electron transfer from the(More)
Surface complexing (i.e., metal-bridged polymerization in this study) of a three-armed amphiphilic compound with metal-scavenging properties has been investigated using the surface pressure-area (π-A) isotherms of a Langmuir monolayer from the subphase. Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) was also carried out on eluted solutions from(More)
A laser heterodyne spectrometer with a tunable diode laser as a local oscillator has been developed for ultrahigh resolution IR spectroscopy of the absorption spectra of trace constituents in the earth's atmosphere. The spectral resolution and SNR of the developed system are 0.0013 cm(-1) and ~500, respectively. This performance is sufficient for retrieving(More)
A circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) material has been created by polymer-polymer complexation between a helix-forming polysaccharide, schizophyllan (SPG), and a meta-phenylene-linked polyfluorene derivative (mPFS). Computational modeling revealed that mPFS can adopt a helical structure although a conventional polyfluorene derivative with a(More)
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