Makoto Sugihara

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In this paper, an analysis of test time by CBET (which is an acronym for Combination of BIST and External Test) test approach is presented. The analysis validates that CBET test approach can achieve shorter testing time than both external test and BIST in many situations. An efficient test time minimization algorithm for CBET-based LSIs is also proposed. It(More)
This paper proposes a simulation-based soft error estimation methodology for computer systems. Accumulating soft error rates (SERs) of all memories in a computer system results in pessimistic soft error estimation. This is because memory cells are used spatially and temporally and not all soft errors in them make the computer system faulty. Our soft-error(More)
This paper presents a task scheduling method for reliable cache architectures (RCAs) of multiprocessor systems. The RCAs dynamically switch their operation modes for reducing the usage of vulnerable SRAMs under real-time constraints. A mixed integer programming model has been built for minimizing vulnerability under real-time constraints. Experimental(More)
INTRODUCTION The choice of invasive systemic haemodynamic monitoring in critically ill patients remains controversial as no multicentre comparative clinical data exist. Accordingly, we sought to study and compare the features and outcomes of patients who receive haemodynamic monitoring with either the pulmonary artery catheter (PAC) or pulse contour cardiac(More)
The character projection (CP) is utilized for maskless lithography and is a potential for the future photomask manufacture because the CP can project ICs faster than the point beam projection and the variable-shaped beam (VSB) projection. The drawback of the CP is its lower throughput than that of photomask-based lithography and the amortization cost of CP(More)
SUMMARY We propose a cell library development methodology for throughput enhancement of character projection equipment. First, an ILP (Integer Linear Programming)-based cell selection is proposed for the equipment for which both of the CP (Character Projection) and VSB (Variable Shaped Beam) methods are available, in order to minimize the number of electron(More)