Makoto Senda

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The selection of the ground state among nearly degenerate states due to quantum fluctuations is studied for the S = 1/2 XY-like Heisenberg antiferromagnets on the triangular lattice in the magnetic field applied along the hard axis, which was first pointed out by Nikuni and Shiba. We find that the selected ground state sensitively depends on the degree of(More)
Photochemical removal of NO(2) in N(2) or air (5-20% O(2)) mixtures was studied by using 172-nm Xe(2) excimer lamps to develop a new simple photochemical aftertreatment technique of NO(2) in air at atmospheric pressure without using any catalysts. When a high power lamp (300 mW/cm(2)) was used, the conversion of NO(2) (200-1000 ppm) to N(2) and O(2) in N(2)(More)
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