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We carried out an investigation to identify neuromelanin-containing noradrenergic and dopaminergic neurons in the locus ceruleus and substantia nigra pars compacta of healthy volunteers and patients with Parkinson's disease using a newly developed magnetic resonance imaging technique that can demonstrate neuromelanin-related contrast. The high-resolution(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the performance and efficacy for intensity inhomogeneity correction of various sequences of the human brain in 7T MRI using the extended version of the unified segmentation algorithm. MATERIALS Ten healthy volunteers were scanned with four different sequences (2D spin echo [SE], 3D fast SE, 2D fast spoiled gradient echo, and 3D(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the difference in enhancement effects and relaxivities of the gadolinium chelate at 1.5 and 3 Tesla (T) and to elucidate the contribution of the high magnetic field to contrast enhancement in spin-echo (SE) and gradient-echo (GRE) images. METHODS Phantoms containing water with or without gadopentetate dimeglumine (Gd-DTPA) at(More)
Exacerbation of hypoxic injury after reoxygenation is a crucial mechanism mediating organ injury in transplantation, and in myocardial, hepatic, gastrointestinal, cerebral, renal, and other ischemic syndromes. The occlusion and reperfusion of the splanchnic artery is a useful animal model to elucidate the mechanism of gastrointestinal injury induced by(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE A reduction in the area of the substantia nigra (SN) has been shown in patients with Parkinson disease. The substantia nigra is anteroinferolateral to the red nucleus, and it is important to precisely locate its true anatomic location to accurately measure SN area. Our purpose was to determine the exact location of the substantia(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether and to what degree absolute apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values vary between different imagers, vendors, field strengths, and intraimager conditions. MATERIALS AND METHODS Informed consent and institutional review board approval were obtained. Diffusion-weighted (DW) images with nearly identical parameters were(More)
PURPOSE To investigate age-related changes in the locus ceruleus (LC) in healthy subjects using neuromelanin magnetic resonance (MR) imaging at 3 Tesla. METHODS We examined 64 healthy volunteers (aged 23 to 80 years) using neuromelanin-sensitive T1-weighted images and measured the contrast of areas of high signal intensity corresponding to the LC. (More)
BACKGROUND Endothelial dysfunction is an independent predictor for cardiovascular events in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2DM). Glucagon like peptide-1 (GLP-1) reportedly exerts vasodilatory actions, and inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4), an enzyme-degrading GLP-1, are widely used to treat T2DM. We therefore hypothesized that DPP-4 inhibitors(More)