Makoto Sakiyama

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A new class of Aurora A kinase inhibitor was created by transforming 4-(5-methyl-3-pyrazoloamino)pyrimidine moiety of VX-680 to 3-cyano-6-(5-methyl-3pyrazoloamino)pyridine. Compound 6 exhibited a potent Aurora A kinase inhibitory activity, excellent selectivity to Aurora B kinase and other 60 kinases, good cell permeability and good PK profile. Therefore(More)
The effects of abscisic acid (ABA) on the orientation and cold stability of cortical microtubules (MTs) in epidermal cells of epicotyls of the dwarf pea,Pisum sativum L. cv. Little Marvel, were examined by immunofluorescence microscopy. The effect of ABA on the elongation of epicotyls and on the orientation of cortical MTs was opposite to that of(More)
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