Makoto Saigusa

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This study identified the anatomical and close functional relationship between the transverse lingual and superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle. Two en bloc samples (including the tongue and mid-pharyngeal wall) and four whole tongues were obtained from adult human cadavers. We found that fibers of the superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle connected with(More)
To observe and estimate the movement of the tongue, ultrasonic investigation is the most harmless real-time monitoring procedure for analyzing articulatory movements. Color Doppler ultrasonic imaging is special in that it can only sample a moving target, and it can indicate the velocity and direction of the target by color and brightness in real time. This(More)
The neuro-motor control of the human tongue musculature had not been investigated in detail. This study identified first that the lingual nerve should play the neuro-motor control of some lingual muscles. Six en bloc samples (12 sides), including the tissues from the skull base to the hyoid bone, and three whole tongues were obtained from adult human(More)
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