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We describe methods to search with a query by example in a known domain for information in an unknown domain by exploiting Web search engines. Relational search is an effective way to obtain information in an unknown field for users. For example, if an <i>Apple</i> user searches for <i>Microsoft</i> products, similar <i>Apple</i> products are important(More)
BACKGROUND Although DNA sequence analysis is becoming a powerful tool for identifying species, it is not easy to assess whether the observed genetic disparity corresponds to reproductive isolation. Here, we compared the efficiency of biological species identification between nuclear ribosomal and chloroplast DNA sequences, focusing on an Asian endemic(More)
We define <i>Direct</i> Information Access as a type of information access where there is no user operation such as clicking or scrolling between the user's click on the search button and the user's information acquisition; we define <i>Immediate</i> Information Access as a type of information access where the user can locate the relevant information within(More)
In this paper, we provide an overview of the NTCIR-12 IMine-2 task, which is a core task of NTCIR-12 and also a succeeding work of IMine@NTCIR-11, INTENT-2@NTCIR-10, and INTENT@NTCIR-9 tasks. IMine-2 comprises the Query Understanding subtask and the Vertical Incorporating subtask. 23 groups from diverse countries including China, France, India, Portugal,(More)
BACKGROUND The seacoasts of the Japanese Arc are fringed by many gravel beaches owing to active tectonic uplift and intense denudation caused by heavy rainfall. These gravel beaches are inhabited by gobies of the genus Luciogobius that burrow into the gravel sediment and live interstitially. Although their habitat and morphology (e. g., reduced fins,(More)
We describe a framework incorporating several information extraction methods for the NTCIR-9 One Click Access Task. Our framework first classifies a given query into pre-defined query classes, then extracts information from several Web resources by using a method suitable for the query type, and finally aggregates pieces of information into a short text.
This is an overview of NTCIR-12, the twelfth sesquiannual research project for evaluating information access technologies. NTCIR-12 presents a diverse set of evaluation tasks related to information retrieval, question answering, natural language processing, etc (in total, 9 tasks are set up at NTCIR-12). This paper describes an outline of the research(More)
We investigated the diets of stream detritivores in a coniferous plantation and a deciduous-coniferous mixed forest using stable isotope (δ13C and δ15N) mixing models. In summer, collector-gatherers (Ephemera japonica, McLachlan, and Paralichas sp.) and a shredder (Lepidostoma crassicorne, Ulmer) utilized coniferous needle litter but not broad-leaved(More)