Makoto Okui

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SECOND-MVD (Synthesis Error COmpeNsateD Multiview Video plus Depth) is an alternative 3D format that we introduce for representation of multiview video. In this data format, images at some viewpoint remain original, and the others are converted to a novel format. Residual based representation, such as layered depth video and free-viewpoint TV data unit were(More)
We have been conducting research on three-dimensional (3D) television using the integral imaging method. To enhance integral 3D image quality, Extremely High-Resolution (EHR) imaging technology would be essential. Now, projection display systems are practical for EHR images and have some advantages for 3D imaging. We theoretically and experimentally(More)
Owing to the limited spatio-temporal resolution of display devices, dynamic holographic three-dimensional displays suffer from a critical trade-off between the display size and the visual angle. Here we show a projection-type holographic three-dimensional display, in which a digitally designed holographic optical element and a digital holographic projection(More)
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