Makoto Okamoto

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This study aimed to reveal whether masseter muscle activity during sleep is affected by the difference in design of non-occlusal intraoral appliances on hard palate. Eight healthy Japanese participants were selected and wore each of the four types of appliances (horse shoe, thin, thick and medium thick) during sleep for one week with a one week interval(More)
With the concept of 'human-machine interface', designed especially for visually impaired persons, we have developed an electric aid device for use in guiding orientation and locomotion. The device, which we call CyARM, measures the distance between a person and an object with an ultrasonic sensor and transmits the distance information to the user's haptic(More)
LETTERS 2000) (9,10). Of the two case-patients, one soldier did not leave NDjamena during his 3-month tour of duty, whereas the other had been in contact with livestock in a flooded area before onset of symptoms. Contamination may have occurred through infected animals or mosquitoes, although sheep living in the area did not show any sign of disease (i.e.,(More)
The purpose of this research is to develop an interactive device for environment recognition, which uses senses other than vision. At present there is no interactive device with which a person who is visually handicapped can gain an intuitive impression of the external world. Our device, which we have named CyARM, has a mechanism that controls the motion of(More)