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Sixteen autistic children with WISC Performance IQs of 70 or above were analyzed to determine their conceptions of spatial relations, size comparisons, and gesture imitations through the use of the WISC, an originally devised Language Decoding Test (LDT), and a modified Gesture Imitation Test (GIT). WISC results were replicated as in previous studies. The(More)
BACKGROUND Drugs that inhibit the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system benefit patients at risk for or with existing cardiovascular disease. However, evidence for this effect in Asian populations is scarce. We aimed to investigate whether addition of an angiotensin receptor blocker, valsartan, to conventional cardiovascular treatment was effective in(More)
Cognitive functioning in autistic subjects was investigated by employing ERP recordings. The sample included four autistic patients, with five normal subjects and four Down's syndrome patients serving as the two control groups. The P300 component was investigated under three different experimental conditions, that is; "No-task," "Counting," and "Keypress."(More)
A flow diverter (FD) is a flexible, densely braided stent-mesh device placed endoluminally across an intracranial aneurysm to induce its thrombotic occlusion. FD treatment planning using computational virtual stenting and flow simulation requires accurate representation of the expanded FD geometry. We have recently developed a high fidelity virtual stenting(More)
Auditory brainstem responses (ABRs) were examined in 30 schizophrenic patients and 29 normal subjects. The psychotic symptoms were assessed by the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS) and the Scale for Assessment of Negative Symptoms (SANS) in the patients. At least one of the waves I, II or III was found missing on either side at 80 dBHL (hearing level)(More)
This paper presents a fast method that computes deformations with fracturing of an object using a hierarchical lattice. Our method allows numerically stable computation based on so-called shape matching. During the simulation, the deformed shape of the object and the condition of fracturing are used to determine the appropriate detail level in the hierarchy(More)
OBJECTIVES Stent implantation across the neck of cerebral aneurysms may induce intra-aneurysmal flow reduction, and consequently saccular thrombosis and vessel wall repair. To analyse the influence of different stent parameters on such flow reduction, we studied the flow changes in vascular models, induced by a series of stents. METHODS Two different(More)