Makoto Nozaki

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An ab initio protein structure prediction system called ABLE is described. It is based on the fragment assembly method, which consists of two steps: dividing a target sequence into overlapping subsequences (fragments) of short length and assigning a local structure to each fragment; and generating models by assembling the local structures and selecting the(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether the plantar perceptual learning task, using a hardness discrimination training, efficiently improves walking stability in the elderly. DESIGN A randomized controlled trial. SETTING Elder day-care center. PARTICIPANTS Eighty-six elderly people (73.84 SD 5.98 years) who went to an elder day-care center were randomly(More)
This study evaluated the displacement of zygomatic fractures using submental-vertical radiographs. A system of cephalometric analysis for the assessment of skeletal asymmetry in the horizontal plane is presented. This system uses six landmarks within the cranial base and maxilla providing reference lines with which to assess asymmetry. The mean tracing and(More)
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