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Intrinsic signal imaging from inferotemporal (IT) cortex, a visual area essential for object perception and recognition, revealed that visually presented objects activated patches in a distributed manner. When visual features of these objects were partially removed, the simplified stimuli activated only a subset of the patches elicited by the originals.(More)
This paper describes a new speech analysis method, an adaptive Mel-LPC (AMLPC) analysis method, using human auditory characteristics. The Mel-LPC analysis method that we have proposed is an efficient time domain technique to estimate the warped predictors from input speech directly. However, the frequency resolution of spectrum obtained by Mel-LPC analysis(More)
We have examined whether blood volume changes induced by neural activation are controlled precisely enough for us to visualize the submillimeter-scale functional structure in anesthetized and awake cat visual cortex. To activate the submillimeter-scale functional structures such as iso-orientation domains in the cortex, visual stimuli (gratings) were(More)
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