Makoto Nakamuro

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A 51-year-old Japanese man who underwent a standard distal gastrectomy for cancer of the stomach developed abdominal pain when oral intake was commenced on the 6th postoperative day after an uneventful postoperative course. Complete obstruction of the jejunum led to a sudden deterioration in his general condition and a laparotomy was performed, revealing(More)
Or 26 patients who underwent both coronary artery bypass grafting and abdominal surgery at our institution between 1977 and 1992, nine had severe coronary artery disease associated with UICC stage I gastric cancer. They were treated by coronary artery bypass grafting followed by a curative operation for gastric cancer, the initial four patients underwent(More)
Recently, the concept of interfascial planes has become the prevalent theory among radiologists for understanding the retroperitoneal anatomy, having replaced the classic tricompartmental theory. However, it is a little known fact that the concept remains incomplete and includes embryological errors, which have been revised on the basis of our microscopic(More)
A72 -year-old woman who complained of abdominal pain and distention visited the emergency clinic of our hospital in April 2014. Computed tomography(CT)showed an omental mass and a pelvic mass with massive ascites. The fluid was removed by abdominal aspiration, and the patient showed perforative peritonitis next day. An emergency operation was performed. The(More)
Recently, the radiological concept of retroperitoneal interfascial planes has been widely accepted to explain the extension of retroperitoneal pathologies. This study aimed to explore embryologically based corroborative evidence, which remains to be elucidated, for this concept. Using serial or semi-serial transverse sections from 29 human fetuses at the(More)
A 73-year-old woman presented to our hospital with epigastric pain and swelling of the left upper limb. Enlarged lymph nodes with adhesion were palpable in the left cervical region and supraclavicular fossa. Tests were performed with the thought that the left upper limb swelling was secondary to venous compression by the enlarged lymph nodes. Gastroscopy(More)
An aggressive pancreatectomy was performed on a 53 year old Japanese man with advanced cancer of the pancreas. The tumor originated from the body of the pancreas and invaded the stomach, duodenum, left kidney, transverse colon and common hepatic artery. An unexpected cancer was also found in the head of the pancreas during the operation. Therefore, total(More)
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