Makoto Naito

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Marchiafava-Bignami disease (MBD), a rare complication of chronic alcoholism, is characterized by primary demyelination of the corpus callosum. We report two cases of MBD in which fluid-attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR) and diffusion-weighted imaging studies revealed symmetrical hyperintense lesions in the cerebral cortex (particularly in the(More)
We report a patient with severe hypoxic encephalopathy after cardiac arrest, in which lesions depicted on MRI involved mainly the periaqueductal brainstem, hypothalamus and mamillary bodies, and medial thalami. Hypoxia usually causes cerebro-cerebellar cortical damage. However, it may also cause midline lesions of similar distribution to those of Wernicke's(More)
Infarction in the genu of the internal capsule causes dementia that is characterized by abulia, lethargy and memory loss without obvious motor palsy (capsular genu syndrome). We found infarction or decreased cerebral blood flow in the genu of the internal capsule in 6 of 13 patients with severe bacterial meningitis. Four of these six patients developed(More)
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