Makoto Nagasawa

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The aim of this pilot study was to investigate the feasibility of high-speed gait training with an exoskeleton robot hybrid assistive limb (HAL) in patients with chronic stroke, and to examine the efficacy of eight sessions (8 weeks) of gait training with a HAL compared with conventional physical therapy. Eighteen patients with chronic stroke were included(More)
A standalone-type beryllium (Be) high-pressure crystallography vessel has been developed. Using a coupler-joint unit and a pressure valve, we could keep the pressure in the vessel constant at 100+/-1 MPa for more than 24 h without connecting to a pressure-generating apparatus. Diffraction spots of a glucose isomerase (GI) crystal under 100 MPa were(More)
We describe a high-pressure optical cell that can be used for time-resolved transient grating measurements to determine the thermodynamic properties of transient species under high pressure. This high-pressure cell enables us to compare the grating signal intensities of different samples quantitatively. Using this high-pressure cell with an inner sample(More)
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