Makoto Morinaga

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In this study, the evaluation of audiovisual interaction regarding to the sounds and colours of trains was investigated. Different pictures of trains were modified in their colors and presented on a liquid crystal screen in a sound proof room with the appropriate sound of the train. The subjects judged the loudness of the sound-picture stimuli with the(More)
Daily treatment with cyclosporin at a dose of 25 mg/kg for 14 d gave complete suppression of the development of collagen arthritis and adjuvant arthritis in Sprague-Dawley rats during an observation period of 45 d. To study whether the immunologic unresponsiveness produced by cyclosporin is antigen specific, we rechallenged the cyclosporin-protected rats(More)
—This paper proposes an artificial flying creature by flapping in a virtual air environment obeying physics law. For this purpose, a concise air drag computation method is introduced. The air drag plays the role of the environment force against the creature. The motion of the creature is automatically computed by use of the physics modeling software system(More)
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