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A long-term follow-up study of 89 patients of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) disclosed the persistent occurrence of seizures in 68 patients (76.4%) and severe mental defect in 48 (53.9%). An analysis of the correlation between the mental and seizure prognoses confirmed that the persistence of minor seizures could result in mental deterioration. An(More)
As part of our studies on localization of epileptic foci, dipole analysis using averaged spikes were compared with that using individual spikes for 25 patients with localization related epilepsy. Our results are as follows. 1) In the group which showed stable dipoles from individual spikes, dipole localization from averaged and individual spikes were(More)
— Non-elastic hyper-flexible elements like tethers and ropes will have various possibilities of unconventional manipulations. In this paper, casting and winding manipulation of hyper-flexible manipulators(HFM) is proposed. The HFM is modeled as an underactuated multi-link system connected by non-elastic passive joints, and simulation results with dynamic(More)