Makoto Kosaka

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The intracellular beta-xylosidase was induced when Streptomyces thermoviolaceus OPC-520 was grown at 50 degrees C in a minimal medium containing xylan or xylooligosaccharides. The 82-kDa protein with(More)
From January 1988 until December 1990, 99 previously untreated patients with multiple myeloma (MM) were enrolled in a randomized prospective study comparing two combination chemotherapies with and(More)
The pathophysiologic significance of proteasomes in hematologic malignancies was examined by comparison of the proteasome levels in normal subjects and patients with benign liver diseases. The serum(More)
Activin A is a multi-functional cytokine with a potent stimulation on erythroid cell differentiation in the bone marrow. The actions of activin A are determined by a balance of the levels of activin(More)