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The automatic correction of misspelled inputs is discussed from a viewpoint of similar-string matching. First a hierarchical file organization based on a linear ordering of records is presented for retrieving records highly similar to any input query. Then the spelling problem is attacked by constructing a hierarchical file for a set of strings in a(More)
A new data structure and a useful basic operation for graph~theoretical algorithms are presented and then applied to the formulation of an algorithm for finding a fundamental set of cycles of an undirected finite graph Comparison is made both analytically and empirically with Paton's cycle-finding algorithm, which is implemented by Gibbs as a PL/I(More)
Sum~lary This paper presents the algorithms to solve the two main problems comprised in the automatic Kana-KanJi translation system, in which the input sentences in Kana are translated into ordinary Japanese sentences in Kanji and Kana : the segmentation of non-segmented sentences into Bunsetsu and the word identification from homo-nyms. Employing this(More)
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