Makoto Kano

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BACKGROUND Previous randomized trials have shown a survival advantage of concurrent platinum-based chemoradiotherapy with or without adjuvant chemotherapy for advanced nasopharyngeal cancer. Applicability of these data to a Japanese population is an important issue which remains to be solved. METHODS A retrospective survey of treatment of patients with(More)
We attempted lymph node mapping for clinically positive neck using sentinel node navigation technique. Technetium labeled rhenium sulfide was injected as a radiotracer in 11 patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue. After surgery, the radioactivity and the ratio of metastatic area (RMA) of the removed nodes were measured. Average RMA (57%) of 18(More)
OBJECTIVES We conducted a histologic examination and measured the tension on the epiglottis to determine how dehiscence of the epiglottis can be prevented after epiglottic closure surgery. METHODS We classified configurations of the epiglottis into flat, intermediate, and omega types and studied the histology of each type. We also measured the tension in(More)
Management of the cervical lymph nodes is one of the most important factors in controlling head and neck carcinoma. The clinical treatment strategy for managing the N0 neck in oral cancer is still under debate. Recently, the accuracy and feasibility of sentinel lymph node biopsy (SNB) have been investigated in many studies. An application of the technique(More)
UNLABELLED The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) encodes its own microRNAs (miRNAs); however, their biological roles remain elusive. The commonly used EBV B95-8 strain lacks a 12-kb genomic region, known as BamHI A rightward transcripts (BART) locus, where a number of BART miRNAs are encoded. Here, bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) technology was used to(More)
We have previously identified Usp46, which encodes for ubiquitin-specific peptidase 46, as a quantitative trait gene affecting the immobility time of mice in the tail suspension test (TST) and forced swimming test. The mutation that we identified was a 3-bp deletion coding for lysine (Lys 92), and mice with this mutation (MT mice), as well as Usp46 KO mice(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study is to evaluate lymph node mapping for clinically positive neck metastasis using a sentinel node navigation technique. METHODS 99mTc-labeled rhenium sulfide was injected as a radiotracer in 10 patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue. After surgery, lymph nodes were classified into two categories according(More)
There is a risk of developing a fatal trachea-innominate artery fistula following laryngotracheal separation for the prevention of intractable aspiration pneumonia. We developed a novel technique of surgical closure of the larynx to avoid this complication and provide long-term cannula-free care.
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to clarify the reasons why clinical otosclerosis, a very common disease among Caucasians, is not prevalent among Japanese. STUDY DESIGN The incidence, site, activity, and volume of otosclerotic foci were examined in 1011 temporal bone sections from 507 Japanese individuals. SETTING This study was prepared at the temporal bone(More)