Makoto Iwai

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BACKGROUND Unsatisfactory long-term results have been reported after use of a Broström repair for patients with chronic ankle ligament insufficiency. HYPOTHESIS Repair or reconstruction of both the anterior talofibular and calcaneofibular ligaments is essential for normal kinematics of the ankle-hindfoot. STUDY DESIGN Case series. METHODS Thirteen(More)
Thirty-four patients (37 knees) were treated with the Interax knee arthroplasty. There were 31 female and 3 male patients with a mean age at surgery of 70 years (range, 53-84 years). Premature failure of the polyethylene tibial bearing surface occurred in 9 patients (9 knees). Eight patients of these required a revision operation because of early wearing(More)
BACKGROUND Prolonged lateral instability of the ankle after ligament injury has been believed to be a major cause of osteoarthritis of the ankle, yet the rate of development of osteoarthritis of the ankle is relatively low. Clarifying the relationship between patient factors and chondral damage of the ankle with prolonged instability is essential to(More)
The purpose of our study is to evaluate whether the hamstring tendons can regrow after harvesting for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction and whether the regenerate tissue can be histologically characterized as tendinous. Eleven of the patients (eight female and three male; mean age, 23 years; range 17-37 years) consented to participate in this(More)
We report a rare case of angioleiomyoma that occurred in the intra-articular portion of the knee joint. A 43-year-old female was referred to us with a 3-year history of recurrent pain and a loss of full extension of the right knee. Physical examinations revealed swelling and restriction of active full extension. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed an(More)
An adenocarcinoma was found in a choledochal cyst in a 12-year-old girl. This is the youngest patient so far reported with an adenocarcinoma in a choledochal cyst. The cyst consisted of dilatations of the intrahepatic bile ducts and the extrahepatic bile duct. Most of the cyst wall was resected. However, resection of the distal part of the cyst wall in the(More)
BACKGROUND We report a rare case of glomus tumor that occurred in the lateral joint of the knee. A 54-year-old man was referred to us with a 3-year history of lateral pain in the left knee and the diagnosis of lateral meniscus injury. Physical examination revealed a small trigger point localized just on the lateral joint space. Magnetic resonance imaging(More)