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How do tablet properties influence swallowing behaviours?
Behavioural performance of tablet swallowing was evaluated with different tablet conditions in terms of size, number and surface coating.
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Forests in the global balance - changing paradigms
The present book gives cause for some reflection on the changing paradigms that have become apparent in the field of forestry over the past two decades. The new social values and perceptions haveExpand
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Conclusion: Sustainable Forest Management through Local Participation: Procedures and Priority Perspectives
In its first phase (1998–2001) the IGES Forest Conservation Project (FC Project) aimed to identify principles or elements of sustainable forest management that would account for an important portionExpand
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Evaluation of the association between orofacial pain and dysphagia.
Swallowing has a vital function in airway protection and is the next step after mastication. Swallowing impairment, which is known as dysphagia, is frequently accompanied by pain. Previous clinicalExpand
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Endurance measurement of hyoid muscle activity and hyoid-laryngeal position during tongue lift movement.
BACKGROUND Tongue lift movement (TLM) is used as a therapy to improve tongue pressure against the hard palate for dysphagic patients. OBJECTIVE The present study aimed to characterize theExpand
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Immediate effect of laryngeal surface electrical stimulation on swallowing performance.
Surface electrical stimulation of the laryngeal region is used to improve swallowing in dysphagic patients. However, little is known about how electrical stimulation affects tongue movements andExpand
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Promotive effect of Bofutsushosan (Fangfengtongshengsan) on lipid and cholesterol excretion in feces in mice treated with a high-fat diet.
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Bofutsushosan (fangfengtongshengsan in Chinese, BTS) is a formula in traditional Japanese Kampo medicine and Chinese medicine comprising 18 crude drugs that is used forExpand
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Inter-individual variation of bolus properties in triggering swallowing during chewing in healthy humans.
BACKGROUND There is a wide variation of chewing behaviors even in healthy humans. The present study was aimed to clarify how the rheological properties of the bolus during chewing is different amongExpand
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Questionnaire survey on pharyngolaryngeal sensation evaluation regarding dysphagia in Japan.
OBJECTIVE The objective is to conduct a questionnaire survey regarding pharyngolaryngeal sensation evaluation in dysphagia to understand the current situation in Japan. METHOD The questionnaire wasExpand