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This paper proposes a new problem, which we call the Dynamic Steiner Tree Problem. This is related to multipoint connection routing in communications networks, where the set of nodes to be connected changes over time. This problem can be divided into two cases, one in which rearrangement of existing routes is not allowed and a second in which rearrangement(More)
GridFTP has been used as a data transfer protocol to effectively transfer a large volume of data in grid computing. GridFTP supports a feature called parallel data transfer that improves throughput by establishing multiple TCP connections in parallel. However, for achieving high GridFTP throughput, the number of TCP connections should be optimized based on(More)
In recent years, a wide-area Grid computing has got a lot of attention. In the wide-area Grid computing, by connecting computational resources distributed geographically via networks, the computational resources can be used efficiently and large-scale scientific and engineering computation become possible. In the wide-area Grid computing, a data transfer(More)
In this paper, we propose an analytic approach of modeling a closed-loop network with multiple feedback loops using fluid-flow approximation. Specifically, we model building blocks of a network (i.e., the congestion control mechanism of TCP, propagation delay of a transmission link, and the buffer of a router) as independent continuous-time systems. By(More)
In this paper, we propose an automatic parameter configuration mechanism for GridFTP, which optimizes the number of parallel TCP connections by utilizing analytic results in the work of Ito et al. (2005). The proposed mechanism first measures the network status (e.g., the goodput and the round-trip time of GridFTP data channels) at the GridFTP client. Based(More)
In this paper, we propose an iSCSI-APT (iSCSI with automatic parallelism tuning) that maximizes iSCSI throughput in long-fat networks. In recent years, as a protocol for building SANs (Storage Area Networks), iSCSI has been attracting attention for its low cost and high compatibility with existing networking infrastructure. However, it has been known that(More)