Makoto Iguchi

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The openness and anonymity of P2P file-sharing networks have been widely accepted over the last few years. Enormous file-sharing communities in which numerous anonymous users share a variety of resources have been established with the aid of the P2P networks. Users can join the communities with ease without disclosing their identities. However, the openness(More)
Based on the fiber diffraction data from native collagen, Rich and Crick proposed the 10/3-helical model with a 28.6 A axial repeat in 1955 (Rich A.; Crick, F. H. C. Nature (Lond) 1955, 176, 915-916). We obtained the 7/2-helical structure with a 20 A axial repeat from the single crystal analysis of (Pro-Pro-Gly)(10). Since the latter structure could explain(More)
In this paper, we propose to design a market game that (a) can be used in modeling and studying commodity trading scenarios, and (b) can be used in capturing human traders' behaviors. Specifically, we demonstrate the usefulness of this commodity trading game in a single-commodity futures trading scenario. A pilot experiment was run with a mixture of human(More)
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