Makoto Horikawa

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Germline removal provokes longevity in several species and shifts resources towards survival and repair. Several Caenorhabditis elegans transcription factors regulate longevity arising from germline removal; yet, how they work together is unknown. Here we identify a Myc-like HLH transcription factor network comprised of Mondo/Max-like complex (MML-1/MXL-2)(More)
Temperature potently modulates various physiologic processes including organismal motility, growth rate, reproduction, and ageing. In ectotherms, longevity varies inversely with temperature, with animals living shorter at higher temperatures. Thermal effects on lifespan and other processes are ascribed to passive changes in metabolic rate, but recent(More)
O N E of the central pr’oblems in the genetics of differentiation may be formulated in the following way: Why do embryonic cells possessing the necessary genetic information fail to synthesize certain specific proteins, and what are the mechanisms which are responsible for the initiation of such synthesis in particular cell lines at subsequent stages of(More)
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