Makoto Hanazono

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Oviductal functions have been studied mainly in primary epithelial cell culture and organ culture. However, secretory cells and ciliated cells coexist in the epithelium, and the small size of the oviduct limits the sources of both epithelial and stromal cells. To circumvent the limits, we attempted to establish clonal cell lines from an oviduct of a(More)
We study an in…nitely repeated Bertrand game in which an i.i.d. demand shock occurs in each period. Each …rm receives a private signal about the demand shock at the beginning of each period. At the end of each period, information about the underlying demand shock and the rivals’prices becomes public. A …rm’s pricing schedule can be either a sorting scheme,(More)
Dear Editor: Various means such as transfection with SV40 (3), EB virus (5), and oncogenes (8) are available to generate immortalized lines. However, application of any of these methods is restricted, because the procedures require large quantities of cells. In addition, these techniques involve many steps. Recently, p53-deficient homozygously mutant mice(More)
Background. The antitumor effect of indomethacin has been well documented in cancer patients and in animals with transplanted tumors. Indomethacin has also been regarded as a biological response modifier. Therefore, we presumed that indomethacin could be a modulator of antitumor agents, and this study was done to determine whether indomethacin modified the(More)
Clonal cell lines have been established from vaginae of prepubertal female p53-/- mice. Because the mouse vagina has a dual origin (the cranial three-fifths derived from the Müllerian duct and the caudal two-fifths derived from the urogenital sinus), both parts were separately subjected to cloning. Sixteen epithelial and two fibroblastic cell lines(More)
To confirm the utility of the bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) labeling method in the study of cell proliferation in mouse uterine tissues, changes in the labeling index in the luminal and glandular epithelia, the periluminal, periglandular and deep stromal regions and the myometrium were surveyed in normal adult mice during the estrous cycle and early pregnancy,(More)
This study investigates the primary effect of the eye lens obsolescence (Elo) gene of the mouse. Morphological features of the Elo lens were defined as follows: (1) deficient elongation of lens fiber cells, (2) morphological abnormality of nuclei of lens fiber cells, (3) lack of eosinophilic granules in the central fiber cells and (4) rupture of lens(More)
We consider full-truthful Nash implementation, which requires truth telling by each agent to be a Nash equilibrium of a direct revelationmechanism, and every Nash equilibrium outcome of the mechanism to be f optimal. We show that restricted monotonicity plus an auxiliary condition is necessary and sufficient for full-truthful Nash implementation, and that(More)
This study uses Colon 26-bearing CDF1 mice to assess the pharmacologic actions of indomethacin on tumor growth and cancer cachexia. The effect on tumor growth was evaluated by tumor weight, and the effect on cachexia was screened by changes in body weight and food intake. Additional indices measured included serum levels of immunosuppressive acidic protein(More)