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The aim of this study was to set forth an age-dependent percentile for waist circumference of Japanese children and to compare the reference with data from other countries. We utilized the 1992–1994 cross-sectional national survey data on waist circumference as measured at two benchmark sites in 10,614 Japanese children (5,851 boys, 4,763 girls) aged(More)
We describe a 10-month-old girl with abnormal clinical findings and Xp duplication. She showed poor weight gain and developmental retardation, and had several minor anomalies including pigmentary dysplasia (hypomelanosis of Ito). She had a partial short arm duplication in the paternally derived X chromosome, 46,X,dup(X)(p11. 21p21.3), with the normal and(More)
The role of systemic and local insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) in the development of prostate cancer is still controversial. Transgenic adenocarcinoma mouse prostate (TRAMP) mice express the SV40 T-antigen under the control of the probasin promoter, and spontaneously develop prostate cancer. We crossed TRAMP mice with liver IGF-deficient (LID) mice to(More)
IGF binding protein-1 (IGFBP-1) inhibits the mitogenic actions of the IGFs. Circulating IGFBP-1 is elevated in newborns and experimental animals with fetal growth restriction (FGR). To establish a causal relationship between high circulating IGFBP-1 and FGR, we have generated transgenic mice using the mouse alpha-fetoprotein gene promoter to target(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study is to construct the cross-sectional head circumference growth curves, intended for clinical use, for the Japanese from birth to 18 years of age. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Two sets of the national survey data on head circumference and height were utilized for the study: (1) The 1990 data collected by the Japanese Ministry of(More)
A total of 704 girls and 753 boys, all healthy, from 3 to 18 years of age, from Tokyo and its suburbs, were radiographed on the left hand and wrist in 1986. Their RUS (TW2) skeletal maturity was estimated, the 50th-centile skeletal maturity scores were obtained, and the smoothed RUS maturity curves were determined applying the cubic spline function to the(More)
We describe two siblings with X-linked hyper-IgM immunodeficiency. One patient developed disseminated cryptococcosis. Co-culture of this patient's T cells with normal B cells suppressed IgG and IgA production. The CD40 ligand gene of one patient was examined and contained a nonsense mutation at nucleotide 475. CD40 ligand is a membrane protein which is(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of overweight among Japanese children and adolescents has steadily increased during the last 20 years. Thus, we utilized the 1978-1981 data collected by the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry to construct reference curves of body mass index (BMI) for contemporary Japanese children and adolescents. METHODS BMI(More)
Animal models have established the IGF-I signaling pathway as a key modulator of aging in rodents and invertebrates. Considerable evidence suggests that reduced exposure of tissue to IGF-I is associated with an extended lifespan in these species. In humans, IGF-I is linked to various age-related diseases that are limiting factors for youthful longevity. On(More)
Previous studies have indicated that Japanese children grow and mature significantly faster than Caucasian children, thus calling for a separate reference standard for each skeletal and sexual maturity index. To establish normal reference values for testicular volume in Japanese boys, we studied from 1985 to 1995, 900 healthy male children of 0 to 15 years(More)