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Cellular automata in Xenakis's music. Theory and Practice
Cellular automata are developed since some decades, belonging to the field of abstract automata. In the beginning of the 1980s, they were popularized in relationship with the study of dynamic systemsExpand
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The granular connection (Xenakis, Vaggione, Di Scipio...)
This paper examines: 1) the way Xenakis introduced the granular paradigm; 2) some elements for the history of the granular paradigm (especially the work of Horacio Vaggione and Agostino Di Scipio).
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As one of the most important composers of the twentieth century, Iannis Xenakis is also known for having used mathematical models in his compositions and for developing a formalization of music. ButExpand
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De la musique au son. L'émergence du son dans la musique des XXe-XXIe siècles (introduction)
De Debussy a la musique contemporaine de ce debut de XXIe siecle, du rock a l'electronica, des objets sonores de la premiere musique concrete a l'electroacoustique actuelle, du Poeme electronique auxExpand
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Audible Ecosystems and emergent sound structures in Di Scipio's music. Music philosophy helps musical analysis
Background in music philosophy. What emerges from listening? What phenomena does listening create? These two questions extend the field of music research by incorporating phenomenologyExpand
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Agostino Di Scipio: Audible Ecosystems
We are living today in a world, where sound is everywhere, and at every moment. One could think that this situation realizes the musician’s most beautiful dream. But this is not the case; on theExpand
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