Makio Watanabe

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Tamoxifen citrate (ICI46474) is an antiestrogenic agent used in cases of disseminated breast carcinomas and as adjuvant postoperative therapy. Toxic reactions to tamoxifen, such as decreased visual acuity, bilateral macular edema, and yellow-white dots in the paramacular and foveal areas, are relatively rare (reported incidence between 0.9%-12%). In 1978,(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging was used to study the human orofacial complex. Two imaging methods, a fixed head coil and a surface coil, were used. Images from a database of 31 subjects revealed details of many structures including the masseter, temporal, medial and lateral pterygoid muscles, the teeth, articular condyles, and facial bones. A dentigerous cyst(More)
Studies on the neural bases of visual information processing were reviewed by tracing connections from the retina to the prefrontal cortex in the monkey; i.e., retina--lateral geniculate body (LGB)--striate cortex--prestriate cortex--inferotemporal (IT) cortex or posterior parietal (PP) cortex--prefrontal cortex. The retinotopy exists up to the level of(More)
Spatial perspective taking ability of two-year-six-month to four-year-five-month old children was investigated, using a newly devised task named the 'Face Rotation Task.' In the task one of the two eyes in the face stimulus, which had been rotated 90, 180, or 270 degrees from the upright position, was highlighted and a buzzer sound was simultaneously(More)
The dielectric behavior of the frog skeletal muscle cells in the 100 Hz-100 MHz range was simulated with dielectric ellipsoidal-shell model, and the model's parameters were put forward for the first time. It could serve as a theoretical foundation on which to make analysis of muscle fatigue, muscle malnutrition and muscle atrophies in the future.
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