Makini A. S. Boothe

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CONTEXT Kidney transplant is usually the best treatment option for patients with end-stage renal disease; however, transplant rates remain low in the United States. More research is needed about patients' educational needs to ensure that patients are making informed decisions about their treatment options. OBJECTIVE To examine patients' perceptions of the(More)
This is a descriptive study of cervical cancer screening knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and practices among ethnically diverse black women. We conducted 6 focus groups with Haitian, African, English-speaking Caribbean, and African American women recruited from a federally qualified health center. Overall, there was limited knowledge and confusion across(More)
The purpose of the study was to examine HPV vaccine knowledge and acceptability among ethnically diverse Black women. Forty-four women were interviewed in 6 focus groups (2 African American, 2 English-speaking Caribbean, 1 Haitian, and 1 African). Thematic content analysis was used to generate common concepts and themes and to compare findings across(More)
BACKGROUND Information dealing with social and behavioural risk factors as well as their mechanisms among Mozambican migrants working in South African mines remains undocumented. This study aims to understand the various factors influencing HIV-related risk behaviours and the resulting HIV positive status of Mozambican miners employed by South African(More)
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