Makiko Shimazaki

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Cerebral white matter lesions in Alzheimer's disease (AD) consist of subcortical degeneration and ischaemic-hypoxic changes. Glial changes are intimately associated with the white matter lesions, and regressive changes in astrocytes and loss of oligodendroglial cells have been reported. We quantitatively compared glial changes including apoptosis and(More)
Aldehyde-fixed, EDTA-demineralized frozen sections of the rat maxillary incisor were histochemically stained for carbonic anhydrase activity, by use of Hansson's method. Intense staining was observed in the odontoblasts, all types of epithelial cells of enamel organ in the maturation zone, cementoblasts, and the cells of the lingual dental sac. Less intense(More)
Although alcohol is known to enhance hepatocarcinogenesis, the mechanism of this action remains to be explained. To test the hypothesis that ethanol depletes the liver of antitumor promoters such as retinoid, we measured the retinoid concentration in hepatocellular carcinoma tissues and noncancerous surrounding liver tissues in humans known to have a(More)
The relationship between changes in the pressor response to infused noradrenaline induced by intravenous injection of ouabain, an Na+,K+-ATPase inhibitor, and plasma renin activity and plasma ionized calcium was examined in 16 normotensive subjects and in 16 patients with essential hypertension. These patients were divided into 11 normal-renin and five(More)
Isocoformycin is a structural isomer of coformycin which has been demonstrated to be a potent inhibitor of adenosine deaminase. Isocoformycin showed a weaker inhibition of this enzyme than coformycin; the binding of coformycin to enzyme was irreversible, but isocoformycin inhibition was competitive with substrate. The Ki value of isocoformycin was 4.5(More)
In Experiment 1, we showed that active- and passive-avoidance responding in a running wheel was learned because of the avoidance contingency. In Experiment 2, strain differences among four commercially bred rats were assessed in an active-avoidance paradigm. Wistar, Donryu, and Fischer rats learned faster than Sprague-Dawleys. In Experiment 3, learning in a(More)
To evaluate the significance of parasympathetic nerve activity in essential hypertension, we measured the coefficients of variation of RR intervals (CVRR) on electrocardiogram and examined the relationships between CVRR and aging, hemodynamics and sympatho-adrenomedullary function in normotensive subjects (NT) and in patients with essential hypertension(More)