Makiko Okuno

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We compared the effect of syngeneic and allogeneic transplantation of synovial mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for meniscus regeneration in a rat model. Synovium was harvested from the knee joints of three strains of rats. The anterior half of the medial meniscus in both knees of F344 rats was removed and 5 million synovial MSCs derived from F344 (syngeneic(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to examine whether bone morphogenetic protein 7 (BMP-7) induces ectopic cartilage formation in the rat tendon, and whether transplantation of tendon treated with BMP-7 promotes meniscal regeneration. Additionally, we analyzed the relative contributions of host and donor cells on the healing process after tendon(More)
Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is one of the common knee surgeries. Because there are some types of TKA implant, it is hard to select appropriate type of TKA implant for individual patient. For the sake of pre-operative planning, this study presents a novel approach, which predicts post-operative implanted knee function of individuals. It is based on a(More)
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