Makiko Matsumoto

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As cars are ubiquitous in today's and tomorrow's cities they could play a major role in the communication of the future. In the last years the development of Inter-Vehicle Communication (IVC) took huge steps forward and therefore gives us exactly the tools needed to accomplish this task. We propose an architecture, named Car4ICT, that puts cars into the(More)
This paper is a brief description of the small scale field demonstration we presented at the ITS World Congress 2013 in Tokyo. We showed that during disasters vehicles can act as information hubs conveying human or machine centric information from an area where the telecommunications network is disrupted, to an area where the telecommunications(More)
Many parameters of wireless communications are uniquely configured, regardless of their communication environments. However, we believe that stations are able to achieve efficiency in communications using surrounding information. One of the systems that is expected to improve the performance of wireless communications is Carrier Sense Multiple Access with(More)
The International Labour Office welcomes such applications. Libraries, institutions and other users registered with reproduction rights organizations may make copies in accordance with the licences issued to them for this purpose. Visit to find the reproduction rights organization in your country. The designations employed in ILO(More)
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