Makesh Pravin Wilson

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We consider the problem of two transmitters wishing to exchange information through a relay in the middle. The channels between the transmitters and the relay are assumed to be synchronized, average power constrained additive white Gaussian noise channels with a real input with signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of snr. An upper bound on the capacity is 1 2 log(1(More)
We study the joint source channel coding problem of transmitting an analog source over a Gaussian channel in two cases-(i) the presence of interference known only to the transmitter and (ii) in the presence of side information known only to the receiver. We introduce hybrid digital analog forms of the Costa and Wyner-Ziv coding schemes. Our schemes are(More)
In this work we study encoding/decoding schemes for the transmission of a discrete time analog Gaussian source over a Gaussian wiretap channel. The intended receiver is assumed to have a certain minimum signal to noise ratio (SNR) and the eavesdropper is assumed to have a strictly lower SNR compared to the intended receiver. For a fixed information leakage(More)
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