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This paper presents a wireless system for monitoring the input and output of the array in a photovoltaic generation plant. The system comprises of sensors, data acquisition system, wireless access point and user computer that enable the users to access the array parameter wirelessly. Description and function of set up equipment are presented as well as the(More)
This paper presents a parallel energy-sharing control strategy for the application of fuel cell hybrid vehicles (FCHVs). The hybrid source discussed consists of a fuel cells (FCs) generator and energy storage units (ESUs) which composed by the battery and ultracapacitor (UC) modules. A direct current (DC) bus is used to interface between the energy sources(More)
This paper presents harmonic analysis in a multiple adjustable speed drive system. In a system where multiple drives are fed from the same bus, harmonic currents produced by the various drives can reflect back to the power source and to the other drives causing distortion of the voltage waveform. If these harmonic currents are significant, they can(More)
This paper discusses the impact of using 6-pulse and 12-pulse rectifier circuit commonly found in Adjustable Speed Drives. The 12-pulse topology is known to be more expensive, but produce the least input current harmonics. However, the latter statement is completely true under balanced line conditions. In practice, the lines are inherently unbalanced.(More)
This paper presents the development of a circuit modeling for paralleled series loaded resonant (SLR) converter used in an experimental power supply to drive high voltage and high frequency medical equipment. The circuit model for each individual converter is first described. Once the complete model of an individual converter is achieved, the model is then(More)
In this paper, modeling and comparative analysis of current source inverter (CSI) using sinusoidal pulse-width-modulation (SPWM) and hysteresis modulation (HM) will be presented. The modeling of both CSI-SPWM and CSI-HM are implemented using OrCAD Pspice. Results from the simulations will be presented along with the performance analysis of both inverters.(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) problem that has been offered by the Power Electronics Laboratory at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia's Faculty of Electrical Engineering as part of the fulfillment of a final year problem based laboratory (PBLab). The designed problem focuses on the basic principle and(More)
This paper offers comparative solutions for utility companies to solve the problem of voltage flicker in distribution systems. The solutions entail provision of shunt reactive compensation. Two solutions will be explored: the shunt capacitor and the Static VAR Compensator (SVC). Both solutions are modeled and simulated using PSCAD. Results will be compared(More)
This paper presents the modeling of a proposed multiple input, single output converter system for use mainly to interface several renewable energy sources into a single load connection point. More specifically, modeling of a system involving ac and dc supplied to the multiple inputs, single output DC-DC converter will be described and then verified via(More)
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A numerical study on the efficiency of a magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) accelerator with diagonal electrode configuration is discussed in this contribution. The numerical simulation is conducted by setting constant diagonal angle along the channel. The magnetohyrodynamic augmented propulsion experiment (MAPX) channel designed and developed at NASA MSFC is used(More)