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— Harmonic analysis of a network of Adjustable Speed Drives (ASDs) has been experimentally investigated. A small-scale laboratory of the network of two ASDs connected to two induction motors was setup. Load of motor 1 was fixed while load of motor 2 was varied. In the experiment, measurements have been done at both side of power transformer to analyze power(More)
This paper presents power quality analysis of a distributed generation system consisting of Photovoltaic (PV) – Inverter system as the renewable source connected to a network of Adjustable Speed Drives (ASDs) as the load. A small-scale laboratory consists of Photovoltaic, Inverter, ASDs and loads system was setup. Two power supplies from PV and grid were(More)
Harmonic analysis of input current of single phase uncontrolled rectifier is widely known. However, little has been known about harmonic of the input current of single phase controlled or thyristor rectifier. This paper presents such an analysis using the bridge configuration for the controlled rectifier circuit. Results obtained from mathematical(More)
—In power electronics efficiency improvement is constantly being sought out through venues such as improved topologies or improved devices. Series Loaded Resonant (SLR) DC-DC converter is a type of soft-switching topology widely known for providing improved efficiency. This paper investigates the efficiency and transient performance of SLR when a new type(More)
In this paper, modeling and simulation of 1MW grid connected PV system is simulated using National Renewable Energy Laboratory's (NREL) HOMER software, and the optimum system is analyzed to see the economic feasibility of the system in a small industry area in Malacca, Malaysia. The system is expected to foresee reduced grid energy consumption. Emphasis is(More)
This paper describes model and simulation of single phase PV inverters that work independently to supply three phase system as a part of renewable distributed generation. Load sharing characteristic of PV inverter and grid during supplying local load with current control method and relation of PV power level and current control performance to load sharing(More)
Series Loaded Resonant (SLR) converter is a well known topology typically used in kilowatt-range power supplies. The topology may operate in either continuous or discontinuous conduction modes whose switching properties are covered in many power electronic text books. However, information related to the actual converter's efficiency for each conduction mode(More)
Numerical analyses of Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) accelerator using nonequilibrium air plasma are outlined in this paper. Composition of simulated air plasma consists of seven species, N<inf>2</inf>, N, O<inf>2</inf>, O, NO, NO<sup>+</sup> and e<sup>&#x2212;</sup>. The Magnetohydrodynamic Augmented Propulsion Experiment (MAPX) channel designed by NASA is used(More)
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