Makbul Anwari

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This paper proposes a parallel energy-sharing control for fuel cell hybrid vehicles (FCHVs) application. The hybrid source consists of fuel cells (FCs) stack, battery packs and Ultracapacitor (UC) modules. In the proposed parallel energy sharing control, each source is connected to a DC bus via power electronics converters. A total of six control loops are(More)
This paper presents a wireless system for monitoring the input and output of the array in a photovoltaic generation plant. The system comprises of sensors, data acquisition system, wireless access point and user computer that enable the users to access the array parameter wirelessly. Description and function of set up equipment are presented as well as the(More)
—This paper presents modeling of a simple but efficient photovoltaic water pumping system. The system employs maximum power point tracker (MPPT). Two MPPT algorithms, subsystems and control methods will be modeled and simulated using Matlab and Simulink with actual irradiance data. Simulation results will be presented in terms of performance parameters such(More)
—This paper offers comparative solutions for utility companies to solve the problem of voltage flicker in distribution systems. The solutions entail provision of shunt reactive compensation. Two solutions will be explored: the shunt capacitor and the Static VAR Compensator (SVC). Both solutions are modeled and simulated using PSCAD. Results will be compared(More)
Power quality behavior on connecting single phase fed adjustable speed drives to a grid which photovoltaic as the power generation is studied in this paper. A MATLAB/Simulink simulations are performed to investigate the existence of power quality parameter and the system problems that may be resulted from operation of this type of load. The results indicate(More)
—This paper presents the modeling of a proposed multiple input, single output converter system for use mainly to interface several renewable energy sources into a single load connection point. More specifically, modeling of a system involving ac and dc supplied to the multiple inputs, single output DC-DC converter will be described and then verified via(More)
In this paper, the impacts of PWM carrier signals to DC bus current ripple in a PWM-based Generator-Load system will be investigated. The study is crucial to aid in the determination of the dc bus capacitor in a real-world inverter system. A Simulink model depicting the contribution of the generator current and the load current to the total DC bus current(More)
This paper discusses the impact of using 6-pulse and 12-pulse rectifier circuit commonly found in Adjustable Speed Drives. The 12-pulse topology is known to be more expensive, but produce the least input current harmonics. However, the latter statement is completely true under balanced line conditions. In practice, the lines are inherently unbalanced.(More)
This paper presents the development of a circuit modeling for paralleled Series Loaded Resonant (SLR) converter used in an experimental power supply to drive high voltage and high frequency medical equipment. The circuit model for each individual converter is first described. Once the complete model of an individual converter is achieved, the model is then(More)
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