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Immunocytochemical detection of creatine kinase isoenzymes (CK BB) in human cerebral cortex
The localization of creatine phosphokinase-BB in the neocortex of persons without mental pathology, who died of cardiovascular diseases, was investigated immunocytochemically and may attest to the existence of the immunochemically different forms of CPK- BB in the human brain. Expand
[Distribution of alpha-, beta- and gamma-endorphins in the forebrain and diencephalon of the rat brain (immunohistochemical study)].
: The investigation performed by means of specific rabbit antisera is one of the stages for mapping peptides. This is necessary for revealing functional role of the endorphins in the CNS. TheExpand
Decreased level of creatine phosphokinase BB in the brain of patients with mental disorders (complex immunochemical and immunocytochemical studies)
It has been demonstrated that in mental pathology in the frontal cortex of patients with different mental diseases, there was an appreciable decrease in the content of immunoreactive CPK BB. Expand
[Study of lymphoid tissue cells by the method of optico-structural machine analysis].
The possibility to use the method of optically-structural machine analysis for automatical classification of lymphoid cells of tumour-bearing rats and lymphoid cells of malignant tumour was studied.Expand